What I read this month

Bit of a light month for reading, oddly, but most of what I’ve gotten to has been enjoyable.

Glitch – Laura Martin

Started and stopped
Space Runners: The Moon Platoon – Jeramy Kraatz

Trigger Warning – Neil Gaiman

Glitch was quite a bit of fun. Doing time-travel stories must be tricky to write, but Martin does so well enough–and with humour and handled clearly–that my ten-year-old was able to follow and enjoy it. It would make a decent middle-grade movie, actually.

Trigger Warning is a collection of “short fictions and disturbances” by Neil Gaiman, my favourite writer. It’s unexpectedly dense, or at least is taking me an oddly long time to get through. But its various settings and characters and tones have inspired more story ideas and approaches than any other single book I can recall reading, which is gratifying. Definitely worth your time if you like a broad range of short, at times off-beat, fiction.