Back for more

It’s abundantly clear that I won’t be posting here regularly, let alone daily. At least not right now. But then, aside from bodily functions — which are, thankfully, all on autopilot — and of course one’s basic needs, there’s not much I do every single day.

I write or am otherwise doing some creative project (that’s been going on for two or three years now (note to self: I really should try to get that down to a more specific range)), and I’m trying to get up to being sure I read every day, and read more when I do, but there’s nothing else I can think of off-hand.

So while I will strive to make more posts or add more photos or otherwise modify this site in some fashion, it won’t be daily. Weekly, I could shoot for. Although there are certainly times when even that will be a wash.

All I can do, dear reader — all any of us can do — is work to be better.

So mote it be.