El gordito unicornio

We’ve finally hit that brief sweet spot in Toronto weather where the wet snow has stopped—yes, I’m aware it’s late May, but we still had wet snow only a couple of weeks back, because too often here winter can’t keep its goodbyes short and sweet—and it’s getting warm but it isn’t yet stinking hot, which is a summertime feature we can largely thank humidity for.

Dangerously cold in the winter and dangerously hot in the summer. Land of crazy weather extremes, I dub thee Toronto.

Suffice to say, my daughter took advantage of the glorious weather yesterday and cracked open some new sidewalk chalk that she and a friend christened in the driveway.

First she drew a rainbow, which wasn’t unusual. I mean, it was well done, but not the star of the show. No, for me, it was the unicorn that she put on top of that rainbow.



That, my friends—that chubby little unicorn—is the piece de resistance.

I can’t truly say why it speaks to me. I’m not particularly a unicorn fan (though there were some solid efforts that worked toward changing my mind in Zombies vs Unicorns).

Maybe it’s the best unicorn she’s drawn, which is true.

Maybe it’s the (traditionally) accurate colour scheme. Also true.

It could be that my spirit animal is, in fact, a chubby unicorn. I admit I’d never considered that particular option, but there’s a solid argument to be made there.

Whatever the case, it was an unexpected bonus on an already enjoyable day. I think the world would be a better place if we had more chubby unicorns.