Isolation Day 63 Game: Rhino Hero

Rhino Hero is a fun, quick and unusual tabletop game, in that it stacks upward instead of spreading out on a table.

Players are dealt cards that act as ceiling/roof dividers, and they take turns laying a card on top of upright “walls”, a communal stack of squares folded in the middle to allow you to get something akin to a right-angle out of them. The horizontally laid cards normally have a chevron or two on them, indicating where the following player must place an upright wall or two, before placing her own ceiling/roof card on top of them, which will have the wall placement that the following player must accomplish, etc.

Along with some special cards that let you (for instance) skip the following player or lay two ceiling/roof cards instead of just one, other cards have the wall placement plus a little masked rhino icon. That card played means the following player must first place a little titular superhero rhino figure on that icon and then place the wall(s) where indicated, around it, prior to putting on their own ceiling/roof card.

All of this rotated stacking results in a structure that the publisher claims can get over three feet high. We didn’t get it nearly that tall in this game, but the kiddo did have to stand on her chair at one point to add her level just before my wife finally caused the stack to collapse.

The winner is whoever gets rid of their hand of ceiling/roof cards first, or who has the least remaining when the building collapses.

Rhino Hero is a quick, fun game for kids and grownups who have a steady hand.