Progress is good

… by which I mean that progress is a good thing as well as that I’m making good progress. In this particular case, on the planned novel.

I had another 2000+ word day, perhaps even a new personal high at around 2200 words, which felt both unexpected and pretty good, given the usual slow down of such work on the weekend, only some light work on it yesterday, and then today’s busy start.

To my credit, a chunk of that time was spent learning more Danish on Duolingo, which is productive, just in a really different way. To way less credit but at least tangentially related to writing, I was poking around on the A Working Library website (recommended on Austin Kleon’s most recent, and always informing/entertaining weekly newsletter) and making note of a bunch of books that I want to check out.

Connected/related in another way, one of the blurbs I read on the Working Library site gave me an idea for a whole new story. I double-checked that the idea I was hit with wasn’t at all what the book itself was about, so all good there. I made note of it, tried really hard to not get drawn in by it (I do remain very crow-like in being distracted by shiny new ideas, often at the cost of leaving older/current ideas behind and incomplete) and kept focusing on the task/WIP at hand.

Mark my words: Failing unexpectedly keeling over dead any time soon–although concerningly this is perhaps the season for it, on the heels of eating too much for Thanksgiving and with the tiny chocolate bar/treat munching as Halloween quickly approaches (death by fun-sized Mars bars would be a hell of a thing for the coroner to have to conclude)–I shall finish this novel.

At least the first draft, anyway.

I mean, hopefully well past that to a polished completion of some sort, but I may be inconsolable upon finding how much of it needs editing or rewriting to be publishable, so I make no promises there.

I do want to see it published, though, so I’ll probably end up doing whatever needs doing for it to see the light of day, which may be a total overhaul.


Where are those little Mars bars?