This is your captain speaking: We’re at 31,000 and climbing.

Yesterday I broke the 31,000 word mark on my novel WIP.

It’s not a ton, of course. It’s not even at the half-way point of the 80,000 words that conventional wisdom says is the “safe” range for an unestablished writer’s first novel. But as I recently mentioned, I’m into new territory with how long this project is and the word count continues to climb and I’m happy about it.

Weekdays continue to be the best for volume of writing, with the kiddo in virtual school and me home with her so finally having some decent chunks of time to write. Or at least, weekdays would be the best days for writing, if I weren’t distracting myself with posting content on here. *ahem*

Weekends are… well… a whole other thing.

Even on busy days, I’m still working on it, though. Every day. Getting through big word counts is great, but even if it’s a small count, it’s progress, and progress is key.