What I read this month

A short list this month.

In fact, scratch that. A non-existent list.

September was, for one reason and another, a month when I got zero books or graphic novels completed.

Big ol’ goose egg.

I’m still reading Rebels by David Liss, which I had just started at the end of August. But I’ve only been nickel and diming reading that, in part with available timing conspiring against me and in part because I’m frankly not finding it nearly as engaging as the first book of the series, Randoms.

It’s interesting enough a setting and group of characters that I genuinely want to find out what happens, but I’m not finding myself tempted to keep on reading it like I was with the first. No slight to Liss — it’s not like I can compare how well done all my written second books of trilogies go over — but it’s proving to be not as much my thing as I had hoped.

I’ll certainly finish it. That’ll just evidently get pushed back into October, which is a bit silly.

And then I’ll likely attack some of the graphic novels that I got from the library and have been patiently waiting on the shelf.

A zero-finished book month is a sad, sad thing. But I shall continue undaunted.

Not all heroes wear capes.