Update: What I read this month

In my sporadically taking poor notes, I realized today that I’d totally forgotten to include Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life, by Anne Lamott, in my read books of October.

It’s another book from a writer offering advice to writers, which I seem to have an endless taste for. That remains the case even though I’m finding not many offer genuinely new advice, as I suspect I’m quietly waiting for — Ah-ha! At last! The key I’ve been seeking to unlock all the mysteries of all issues I have with writing!

That isn’t to cast Bird by Bird in anything other than a positive light. Lamott has of course come to writing, and views its drive and processes (and for many of us, need), through her own life experiences, including good, bad and ugly. It’s not only an interesting read, but one that had me unexpectedly laughing out loud at points, which in itself is a good reason to read any recommend book.

She breaks the book down into chapters by topic, which is a handy way to get to whatever specific area you’re looking for advice on.

Definitely check it out if, like me, you enjoy advice on how to write (and at times, live) more effectively.