Movember – Week 1

It’s been a solid week of progress and fundraising. My burgeoning moustache is definitely growing in (if slowly), and I’ve been way ahead of the curve to meet and well surpass my commitment of walking 60 km for the month.

You can see my webpage and keep up with my progress here. (The mobile version of the site shows the photos of my moustache “mogress”, while the desktop version doesn’t seem to show it. Suffice to say, it’s amazing. Or at least getting there.)

Thanks very much to those who have already donated. If you haven’t had a chance yet, no time like the present!

A few photos from my walks this week:

The week started off with bizarre fog that kept rolling in and out for days. At its thickest, you couldn’t see more than 30 or 40 feet ahead of you. It made for some nice pics, well-known landmarks and the unexpected emerging from the grey.
One of the several beaches along the waterfront in this park where people dump bricks and tiles. Which looks junky at times but clearly inspires some people at other times.
There’s a guy in our area who does that thing with rocks where he stacks them in ways that your brain tells you defies physics. He had evidently been busy along the rock wall lining the park’s marina…
This park I’ve been walking through is teeming with wildlife, including beavers, bats, rare birds, coyotes, frogs, turtles, minks, and snakes, the tinier of which I encountered two days in a row at exactly the same place on a pathway (index finger for scale).

It’s been a busy, but fun first week.

Here’s looking forward to another few weeks of raising money for a great cause, benefiting my health, and taking in beauty everywhere I can find it.

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  1. Those stone stacks are impressive! So is your vision, sharp enough to see the tiniest snake, barely bigger than an earthworm!
    Keep up the great work!
    Aunt Lois

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