What I read this month

No books finished this month, sadly. In dealing with typically working seven days a week, and the unexpectedly hectic and involved process that is high school applications for the newly minted teen of the household, November was pretty jam-packed top to bottom.

I’m still reading The Awkward Thoughts of W. Kamau Bell: Tales of a 6’4” African-American, Heterosexual, Cisgender, Left-Leaning, Asthmatic, Black and Proud Blerd, Mama’s Boy, Dad, and Stand -Up Comedian, by W. Kamau Bell. It continues to amuse and offer some insight into how he became such a unique mix of comedian and social commentator. Unfortunately, reading it tends to happen at the very end of the day, and by that time I’m well tired enough to simply fall asleep where I sit, as has been happening increasingly lately. Which doesn’t lend itself to getting much read.

Hoping for more progress in December.