Intros and greetings

Welcome to my new(est) website. It’s been a long time coming, but I seem — hope — to have a better idea about what I’d like to do with it this time around, which should keep it, and me, from stagnating. And I have more content to throw at a website now, which will certainly make it more interesting for everyone including myself. Because if you can’t even keep yourself engaged in your creative outlets, whoo, boy, you’re already approaching it the wrong way.

Doing everything website-y myself is a new experience, so I can pretty much guarantee that there will be some problems with functionality–for one thing, porting posts and images from one hosting service to another, then building a couple of iterations of a website and hoping things like links will all still work flawlessly is a bit pit-in-the-sky–and things will change as I go. Growing pains may be an unfortunate side effect of all of that. For your sake as well as mine, I hope that the changes lead to something better and not to some hideous creature that hides from the light of day lest it scare people off (“Check out my new website everyonOH GOD IT’S HIDEOUS DON’T LOOK!”)

I’d say I’m happy to hear your feedback and suggestions about anything and everything on the site, but truth be told, I’m not yet sure that I’ll have comments turned on. They can be useful and insightful at times but, as any cursory glance at the likes of YouTube comments will make crystal clear, can be a total cesspool at other times. Particularly since this is intended as a creative sandbox — a hodgepodge of various stuff I do or try — opening myself up to blithe insults goes right against the spirit of the endeavour.

Maybe my opinions about comments will change. Maybe I’ll take dickish responses and use them in a new yet-to-be-conceived-of project. That whole lemons/lemonade thing. Who knows? Growing pains, people.

Whatever the case, I hope you enjoy what I offer and look forward to whatever this new website offers me.