The Good Stuff jar

I’ve been intending to quit Facebook for coming up on a year. Because, as the kids these days say, reasons.

Let’s not get into all the details of why it hasn’t happened yet — “Let he who is without procrastination and bad luck with technology cast the first stone”… it’s in the bible, people!) — but suffice to say that my own website will be the new place I’ll be focusing more of my posting energy.

Having said that, Facebook does have its good aspects. One of those is the occasion when you come across a post or an image or a quote that actually does some sincere good in striking a chord with you.

And so here it is: For the second new year running — shut up, you saw that bible quote above — I saw a post for the idea of writing down positive events that happened to your family throughout the year, and then reading them together at the end of the year to remember some of the good things that happened.

I get a buttload of news every day and it’s almost all negative (I’ll tuck that away for a post on another day), but beyond what I was dabbling in toward the end of last year, one of my new year’s resolutions this year was to actively seek out positive news in order to offset the negative news fatigue that can be really draining, both mentally and (oddly) physically.

Thus, our Good Stuff jar! It’s already got a few things in it, and I’m really looking forward to adding a ton more this year.