Police motorcyles and helmets

Yesterday I saw a motorcycle cop pull over a taxi. I wasn’t sure what had happened, but whatever he’d done garnered the taxi driver a ticket. That event was unusual enough—I’m far more used to seeing police cruisers pulling over cars than motorcycles doing it—but what really struck me was the helmet the officer was wearing. It didn’t seem like the standard issue glossy white dome with the black peak at the front. Instead, it was a far more stylized, aerodynamic design, with some kind of edging raked up and back from the bottom front; maybe something to do with the mouth or side vents.

The helmet actually looked… dare I say it… pretty cool.

Which got me to thinking: Have the police upgraded their way outdated, unfashionably bulbous motorcycle helmets? Is this some kind of new official helmet that they’re trying out? If so, it gets my stamp of approval for aesthetics.

But then I went from looking at the helmet to the motorcycle itself. It was the standard issue heavy cruiser with white fairings and white, hard saddle bags. Now that, I thought to myself, is something that could use updating. And it occurred to me that hey, Toronto (and I believe Ontario) police have a few high performance cruisers geared more toward highway chases. Does that mean that there are some high end police motorcycles, as well? Are there some Suzuki Hayabusas out patrolling the highways and ready to shut down anything that tries to get away from them?*

There must be, right?

Either way, it’s a pretty cool idea that I suspect that will make an appearance in one of my stories.


*The bone stock Hayabusa has a top speed of 397 km/h. So if you’re going to try to race against one, don’t.