Support your local indie book shop

As I was adding links to my previous post, it occurred to me that I was using Indigo (our big Canadian book store chain) to specify what books I was talking about. And I’m pretty sure I’ve linked to Amazon before, which, in case you aren’t online much, has been under a ton of anti-huge business/anti-capitalism sentiment lately.

To clarify: Those links are purely for convenience to show you what I’m talking about. I don’t suggest ordering the books from there. Wherever it’s practical, I will use a local indie book shop to buy from, and you should do the same. To put it short and sweet, your local indie book shop owner is running a business (not easy) in an insanely competitive market (really not easy) and they can help you get the same book you’d get from Amazon or Indigo, but the profit they make will go to support that owner rather than a monstrous corporate chain.

So if you can wait a week or two or whatever it takes to order a book in–and let’s face it, while it’s fantastic to get something you want the day after you order it, that immediacy isn’t always actually needed, so slow it down a bit and enjoy the anticipation of getting your order in (and anticipation is something that’s becoming a rarity, but that’s a post for another time).

Do your local economy a favour and support small businesses. Use a nearby indie book store to order your reading material.