What I read this month

On the one hand, I was pretty happy with how much I got read this month, what with trying to read more.

On the other hand, it occurred to me a couple of weeks back that I don’t know that there’s much point in keeping an annual count going.

That first entry? The Witch Boy? That’s a trade paperback (aka a thick comic book). Which is very much a book in its own right and just as valid a literary form as any other, etc. This isn’t about that. However, when something like that is included in a list along with The Three Robbers–which took me literally a few minutes to read–as well as Seven Blades In Black–which took me most of the month to get through piecemeal, given it’s several hundred pages long (and extra long beyond that because it’s an unusual tall/wide formatted book but with normal sized text in it, so probably bringing it closer to 800-900 pages of a more standard dimension-sized book)–the idea of doing an annual tally of “how many books I read” starts to get pretty nebulous.

Assuming I do opt to skip that annual count from now on, I’ll still continue to track and post what I’ve read month-to-month, at least as potential conversation starters as well as just to remind myself what I’ve gotten through over the year, which my crappy memory appreciates.