Isolation Day 12 Game: Tsuro

We love board games in our household, and never have time to play them as much as we’d like to.

Or rather, we hadn’t had time until a certain pandemic you may’ve heard of pushed everyone–at least, in countries whose governments grasped the science… *ahem*–isolating away from workplaces and schools and being indoors at home as much as possible.

Now, suddenly, we find ourselves with more time together than we’ve ever had before. Even with my teacherwife getting a solid plan of attack together to keep the kiddo’s brain in some degree of school mode on weekday mornings, we have time aplenty.

And so, out come some games. We’ve got a ton of them, including some we don’t really like (and now I’m wondering if those could somehow be donated to other households, although it may be a bit of a rough pitch: “Hi, these games aren’t good. Would you like them?”), plus some that we really enjoy, and a good number that we (ok, I) bought on spec but which we haven’t even cracked the plastic on yet, let alone tried.

Wedesday’s game was Tsuro: Each player is a flying dragon. You start with your piece at a chosen place along the game board’s edge and you receive modular “path” tiles from a common deck of them. Each turn you place a tile in order to progress your own path–and sometimes that of other players’ pieces–with the idea being that you want to stay in flight, without hitting the board edges or each other, the longest.

It’s easy to learn and, because you can always change where you start and the tiles are shuffled between games, it’s never the same game twice.

Really fun and interestingly appropriate because, as my wife pointed out, it truly is a game of wanting to keep social distance from other player pieces on the board.