Isolation Day 84 Game: Trivial Pursuit-Family Edition

The Family Edition of Trivial Pursuit is effectively the Junior version of the original game: Here, as you roll the die to move around the spoked wheel of the board, every correct question–broken down into the same original coloured categories of Science & Nature, Entertainment, Sports & Leisure, etc.–gets you a coveted coloured pie wedge. You must collect six wedges before heading to the middle to answer one final question in a category of your opponents’ choosing and answer that one correctly to win.

Here, however, the questions are split into Adult (meaning… older, not… y’know… for mature audiences only*), and Kid questions. Happily, both sets of questions seem to have the same range of difficulties; some are dead easy and some you, by which I mean I, end up totally guessing at.

I can’t say if I’m just getting better at Trivial Pursuit, which I’ve historically been pretty terrible at, or these questions are somehow eased up a bit, but I seem to be able to hold my own in this version of it, so I’ll take that as a win. I mean, I kind of need to, because I didn’t win at the game.

Very fun version for the whole family.

*Can you imagine? “Okay, pumpkin, this is a question for Mommy, so cover your ears. All right, hon: What is a rusty trombone? Is it an oxidized member of the brass family, a rootbeer-flavoured martini, or…”
“Wait, isn’t this for Sports & Leisure?”
“Yes. And it… er… kind of is. Anyway, Is it an oxidized member of the brass family…”