Microfiction contest final round

I’ve been keeping you posted on the progress of entries for the NYC Midnight Microfiction contest, and the results for the final round came in today.

Of the top 10 finalists and the top 10 honorable mentions, I… wasn’t listed.

It wasn’t a particularly surprising outcome, given that my last entry felt like the weakest of my few overall contest submissions. In a contest of talent or skill, one never wants to put in anything but a solid show of what one is capable of, and that goes in particular for the final level of competition. But something somewhere is going to be the weakest link in the chain, and unfortunately for me that was it.

Having said that, I’m not particularly disappointed (perhaps it was softened somewhat by my rather expecting a less-than-stellar result), and in fact remain quite pleased by how far I got in the contest. It was not only the first time I’d made it to the final round in that contest, but getting there put me among the top 200 of 7600 original contestants. Being in the upper 2.6% of entrants is nothing to be disappointed by.

Here’s hoping I can get anywhere near that level when I start pitching material to publish…