Top 10 favourite songs of 2020

To pair with my first year of keeping a song list–which includes every song my family and I added to our own various playlists through the year–I figured I’d do a top ten list of my favourites from those additions.

Note that these aren’t necessarily new songs, but are new to me.

Turn up your volume and enjoy!

In something akin to the order they were added to our playlists, my top ten favourites of the year are…

Beck + Call – July Talk ft. Tanya Tagaq

I’m not a big July Talk fan overall, but this song of theirs really got me.

Black To Gold – Dear Rouge

I’ve been hearing about Dear Rouge for years, but don’t know that I’d heard anything of theirs before. Or certainly not anything that got my attention as much as this song (from 2015) did. The heavy synth, the beat, Danielle’s voice… such a great mix.

Oh Yeah! – Green Day

I’ve liked a lot of Green Day stuff in my time, but this one caught my ear this year.

Think About Things – Daði Freyr

A great song with a fun video.

Stolen Days – Dear Rouge

What the devil? Two Dear Rouge songs make my top ten list of 420 playlist additions this year? Hey, what can I tell you? That heavy synth and beat combined with a specific aspect to Danielle’s singing… there’s a certain quality she has here and in Black To Gold that I’m not finding in other songs of theirs, and holy cow, it just works for me. This is one of those songs that, to my tastes, can’t be cranked loud enough or played often enough.

Level of Concern – Twenty One Pilots

We heard this pretty early in our pandemic isolation, and not only is it a solid song (about said isolation, no less), but the video plays heavily with the social distanced element, as well.

Hero – Weezer

I can take or leave a ton of Weezer, but this is one that really stands out for me. Very evocative every time I hear it; easy to see it as the anthem song for a teenager-focused superhero movie that it always starts playing in my head.

Blinding Lights – The Weeknd

I don’t know that I could name any other (The) Weeknd song, though I may recognize some if I heard them. Blinding Lights really appeals, though. Maybe this will be the gateway song?
Odd–nay, unsettling–video, but a good tune.

Darkside – Blink-182

Time was I had every blink-182 CD I could get because of the fun catchiness of their songs. Those days are done now, of course, but it’s good to know that a) they’re still making music and that b) I still like it.

Marching Bands – Neon Dreams ft. Kardinal Offishall

This became one of my most played songs of the year despite first hearing it in the summer. That engaging rhythm had me doing impromptu merengue steps every time I heard it, including in the shower (note: The shower is not a good place to do a merengue). I didn’t find anything else of theirs that had the same flavour, but you can bet I’ll be keeping an ear out for more that these guys do.