What I read this month

I got more read than I expected to in March, given the (seemingly suddenly) quick, time-gobbling ramp-up to a major home reno and trying to find a place to live while that’s happening.

Pro-tip: If you don’t want a metric ton of added stress in your life and days becoming weeks when you look around wondering what happened to all the time you thought you’d have, don’t a) do a home reno big enough that b) it involves relocating yourselves and everything in the house c) during a pandemic.

But I digress.



On to the books!

Trigger Warning – Neil Gaiman
Charlie Thorne and the Last Equation – Stuart Gibbs
I’m A Stranger Here Myself – Alden Nowlan
Plotting and Writing Suspense Fiction – Patricia Highsmith

Started and stopped
The Doom Machine – Mark Teague

Charlie Thorne and the Lost City – Stuart Gibbs

This second Charlie Thorne book doesn’t have an opening that’s quite as engaging as the opening of the Last Equation, but it’s still really well done. It’s engaging and inspiring to us aspiring novelists, and if you think I’d therefore do well to take notes of how Gibbs does so well with these openings, you’ll be happy to hear that I’m doing exactly that.

What are you reading these days, or what have you heard of that you plan to read?