If nothing else, believe in art

I unfortunately can’t give credit for that fantastic quote I used as the title for this post–which I’d first seen in a photo of graffiti scrawled on a wall, and unable to find any stickers of it that I could just buy, drew a vibrant image for it myself that I glued… glued… onto the lid of my laptop–but it seemed perfect.

For a while I’ve been getting a weekly newsletter from Josh Spector, who has tips and suggestions and insight from himself and others on how to promote yourself and market your products or skills. He’s recently started up a quick daily newsletter where he offers something he’s been thinking about or wanting to share. Among them was a link to this really cool site I’ve only just started exploring:


I’ve long been a fan of quality street art, and this is the single most impressive collection of it that I’ve seen. And it seems to be growing. Check it out if that’s your bag.

Related: There’s a CBC original series called Interrupt This Program that’s half hour documentaries focusing on a handful of artists/musicians/etc. in a specific city per episode, and what each person thinks about, and their place in, their city and its history and its unique social problems.

They’re all really well done.

I saw the one from Athens recently and it introduces the viewer to iNO, an anonymous street artist who does gorgeous work. His own site (the first link) doesn’t offer much to see, but the second link is an article about him and shows more of what he does.


Full of Taste/Street Art – iNO

And finally, I was pleasantly surprised to see this really cool GIF at the top of this week’s Laura Olin newsletter. The image is credited to Gerhard Funk.

A lot more of his work can be seen here.

Art, baby. The world would be a bleak place without it.