What I read this month

Not only is moving households one of life’s most stressful events, but it’s also not conducive to getting much read. Who has time to idly flip through books when there are backs to strain and joints to hyperextend and dust bunnies from hell–which of course multiply even faster than real bunnies–to contend with?

And so I present you with my meager list (does one item per category count as a list?) for April:

Charlie Thorne and the Lost City – Stuart Gibbs

Hell Yeah or No – Derek Sivers

Unfortunately, Lost City wasn’t as good as the first book of the series, but it was still a pretty fun adventure romp.

Hell Yeah or No is proving to be an interesting collection of nuggets of life advice and insights about how to decide for yourself what really matters to you and how to approach focusing on whatever that is.

I imagine I’ll be getting more read in May as we finally get settled into our temporary new digs, though likely with an eye toward whittling down some of my “What do you mean there are even more long boxes to pack?”-sized collection of comics, which I’ve recently committed to re-reading and checking resale pricing on to potentially cash in on or donate to thrift stores.
But my comics have never been “particularly organized” so much as “bought sporadically and put into whatever storage boxes happen to be around when I’m cleaning them up.” And I’ve only brought a small portion of decades of that silliness for our home-reno-apartment layover. So buckle up, true believers, for a slapdash list of wide and various titles and fragmented story arcs featuring characters you may have never heard of!