How much is enough?

As of this weekend, I’ve broken 200 pages on my project of humourous stories and observations. That is, to be clear, 200 pages as they’d appear in a book, not 200 pages of solid prose writing. That’s crazy talk.

This leads me to wonder when I should call it done as far as length goes.

It’s all first draft material, mind you. And a couple of them I still need to find endings for, which can be maddening. So I’ll as yet be carefully hashing through everything and getting it up to a point where it’s all as good as it’s going to get, and then I’ll be hitting up some beta readers to do their thing.

But assuming not too much gets outright cut, I’d like to think it’d be long enough to perhaps start shopping around to publishers. After all, earlier books by Simon Rich were well short of 200 pages in their final format. There are clearly publishers around who are into collections of short humour pieces that don’t add up to typical novel length.

Looks like it’s about the time to start hunting for some and prepping inquiries to publishers who deal with this kind of material.


Love it!