Top 10 songs of 2022

As with my lists of favourite books I read year to year, I’ve also recently been doing an annual list of favourite songs I added to various playlists.

Rather than do a separate top ten for every playlist I added to — top ten drumming songs, top ten songs for quick-paced walks, top ten songs to listen to in the shower, etc… I mean, how much time do you people have? — I figured it made more sense to just amalgamate everything under one umbrella of just what I liked best. As with books, this isn’t songs that are new this year but songs new to me that I connected with most.

Here are my top ten songs I added this year.
Crank up the volume and give them a listen.

The Glorious Sons

Suffice to say, this one made multiple playlists.

Alice Merton

Upbeat and a lot of replay appeal.

First Date
Danko Jones

Another earworm rock jam from a trio that does it right.

Take It Off
The Donnas

A great reminder that all-female bands can do punk with the best of them.


As yet the only Slipknot song I like. Heavy, driving, and packs a wallop.


One of my top five, maybe even top three, new songs to drum to.

On & On
A7S & S1mba
Can’t get enough of that fat, Nine Inch Nails-like synth bass.

Everything’s Electric
Liam Gallagher

Another top three drumming songs of the year.

Run Away To Mars

Probably my favourite new song I added this year. I dedicated the lyrics to memory to be able to sing along to it the very first day I heard (and re-heard, and re-reheard) it, and got a guitar capo for my recent birthday exclusively to be able to play the chords as well. So, so good.

The Killers

Catchy tune with a modern twist on very Erasure-like synth work.