Confidence boosts are the best

For the sake of expediency, I won’t get into the needless background details about why this came about. But let’s just say that in the last 12 hours, I got a huge confidence boost — thinking I wasn’t yet ready to do something that I sat down and was able to figure out and start not just doing, but doing well — and then my daughter got a huge confidence boost when she was basically forced into having to do the same work herself (albeit in a method she’s way more familiar with), which she hadn’t previously thought would even be possible.

So, a) proud papa moment in seeing my kid overcome adversity and then doing the thing anyway really effectively. But also b) I’m still on a bit of a high still from last night over learning that I could do this very daunting thing.

I literally can’t remember the last time I got a confidence boost like that. This is unlike me doing something I’m sure I can manage and being told it’s done well. That’s more happiness and pride, which of course also feels good. But here it was doing something I literally wasn’t sure I was capable of doing at all. Then surprising myself by finding out that, yes, I absolutely can do it.

This is also the kind of thing where it doesn’t even matter if anyone else knows the details of what I managed. The point is that at least I know it. And the positive feeling from that is invaluable.

More of those moments, please!