I recently mentioned I was going to try to get into some intermittent fasting.

Yeah… well… no. Or at least, what I have managed to do hasn’t gone well. Best laid plans, and all that.

Not to point to just exterior issues to distract from what may be some personal shortcomings, but the genuine fact is that my work schedules are all over the map. I will close the liquor store some (ok, most) days, and be there before it opens on another day. Sometimes I’ll have one such shift right after the other. So no breakfast one day is doable, but the other day it’s nice to have, since even when I start work early, I’m not sure when I’m getting my lunch break within that shift.

Some days at my other job, I get a full lunch break. Those days it’s not hard to skip breakfast so lunch is my first meal of the day. But other days, even with the same start time, I’m given a shorter shift, which comes with a shorter break, which doesn’t allow for lunch. On those days, breakfast is a really good idea because otherwise I’m not eating again until dinner.

And with all of the wonky hours, and sometimes eating and sometimes not, my body seems a bit confused about when it gets hungry, and I’ve found that if anything, I’m snacking more than I used to. Since I wrote that post several weeks ago, I’ve clearly gained weight. The attempt to lead a more healthy lifestyle has worked in the exact opposite direction.

I’m now trying to take a bit more control over my work times, and also have a new manager at the liquor store who may perhaps be a bit more consistent on work hours, which makes planning ahead and consistent eating times easier to manage. So I’ll keep rolling with trying the intermittent fasting as I can — the science behind it is still solid, it’s the putting it into practice that’s proving to be the obstacle — but if I don’t see some improvements pretty soon, I’ll need to cut bait on the plan and go back to earlier eating habits just to avoid getting the next size up in pants, which I refuse to do.

More updates to come.